romantic shit happens

Strawberry fields… forevahhh….

Truth, come to me.
I’m too tired, please tell it how it is.

Just wanted to say it's good to have you back

Thanks :)

I’ll be a sandwich artist soon. Can’t wait to make money legally.

Oh, how I’ve missed you ;__; …

You never told my beauty, only my mistakes.

Did my time. Weigh 140 lbs. Sorry, Lover, it hurt too much, and I hurt myself. Working on living in peace, again. I love you.

I weigh 140 lbs. Wtf. Never. I love it. :)

"PEÑA. All the way." #freeeee!!! #imback X))

Nathan and I are gonna get some #hornygoatweed


Probably going to jail on Thursday
I’m gonna spork it up in the tank :)

I’m so high so let’s get higher